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How Artists Can Use Instagram to Generate New Fans

How Artists Can Use Instagram to Generate New Fans

In this era governed by social media, where everyone likes and follows matter, Instagram rose to fame very quickly. Millions of people engage in Instagram to get close to their favourite artists.

Being an artist is never easy, even more so, if you have to handle your social media accounts as well. However, it feels easy, just to click a picture and upload it. But, is it really helping your career?

Your social media, especially Instagram is representative of your art form. Your followers will view your every activity, be it photos, videos, etc, and judge your art to some extent.

Gone are the days when traditional media was the only form to know artists. Thanks to Instagram, every aspiring artist/musician has a chance to build their brand.

Do you want to be the next big artist? Wondering how to get Instagram followers? If the answer is yes, here are some ways to get noticed and create an amazing base of Instagram followers:

  1. Build your profile

Building your Instagram profile means building your brand. People who happen to visit your profile will clearly understand what you or your art or page is about. Keep a straightforward name that will help people to find you.

  1. Following others

Being an artist, your main goal should be generating an audience on your page. The best way to do it is to follow the “suggested users”. Besides, to get your content noticed, you should also use the trending hashtags, and tag the right pages to get featured.

  1. Connecting with your contacts on Instagram

The thumb rule of getting famous is to get your close ones involved. Help your friends, family, etc connect to you on Instagram. Ask them to support you by promoting your page to their friends to create a local following. You can directly connect your contact list to your Instagram account with just a click!

  1. Being Social

If you are an artist, your mantra should be being social. The best way to generate an audience is to be social. This will help you create important contacts in the long term. You can simply begin by commenting, sharing, or liking other artist’s posts. Moreover, always try to reply to every comment on your content, pictures, etc. Having a good relationship and communication with your fans will always pay off.

Well, these are just the basics to start off with a good base. And once that’s done, it’s time to offer something special to your fans. Some of the proven strategies include:

  1. Reeling it.

Reels are the new trend that is the best answer to how to generate followers on Instagram. It is especially because they’re not like those long videos. In today’s busy life, it is always important to be crisp. And with reels, you are just taking 15-30 seconds of your audience, which is always worth it. So, keep reeling it and feeling it.

  1. Posting it.

Here, we are not just talking about keeping your feed updated. Post as many stories as possible. Let your audience feel you, know you. Don’t forget to make them interesting by talking to them, doing some polls, posting a variety of interactive updates. Be innovative and offbeat, no matter what!

  1. Hashtagging it.

Very important. The right hashtags will bring your profile to the top. So, search for the trending hashtags and mark them in your posts. But remember not to use the same hashtag in every post because Instagram marks you in that case, and the admin stops showing your posts under that tag. So, again be creative, yet relatable.

Help your page propel to success by following these magical steps. However, the main thing to remember is that both your offline and online persona will attract more people to engage with you. After all, they believe what they see.

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